Lori's store offers the widest variety of bulk items of any store between New York City and Chicago. You can pick from over 20 different beans and legumes; 25 choices of dried fruits; over 20 kinds of flours; 22 grains; and about 200 bulk spices and herbs. Our miscellaneous section has about 30 items ranging from agar to yeast, including a good selection of sprouting seeds and dried peppers.

Buying bulk gives you variety, assures you of good quality and saves you money. Many of the items are organic. A great thing about buying bulk is that you only buy the amount you want or need! Lori's has a hand-out on care and storage of bulk items, nutritional information on most items, plus recipes for most of the bulk grains and beans.

Fruits and vegetables grown the way nature intended it; Without the use of chemicals, synthetic (man made) pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or herbicides. Rotation of crops, superior harvesting make organic foods better nutritionally and taste better! These practices are highly regulated, and offer only the best quality produce in the world.

Fruits and vegetables that are grown by the organic standards, working towards certification. There is a three year waiting period to become an organic farm. One must reach rigid tests, and guidelines to become a certified organic farm. Buying transitional produce will support future organic communities!

Produce grown without soil, in a greenhouse environment with a natural water, mineral solution, harvested with the roots still attached. This makes for clean, fresh, lasting, nutritious produce, all year long (We hope!).

We are proud to offer our customers the largest amount of organic produce in the Rochester area. We support local hydroponic, transitional and organic farmers. Stop by Lori's to find a great selection of quality produce, naturally!

Lori's Natural Foods Center 900 Jefferson Rd Rochester NY 14623 Phone: 585-424-2323

Lori's Closed: New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July,
Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day