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Welcome to Lori's Natural Foods Center

Welcome to Loriís Natural Foods Center! We are Rochesterís largest independent natural grocery and wellness center.  Lori's is family owned and has been proudly serving western New York since 1981.  We are a leader in the world of natural and organic foods, supplements and herbs. Be good to the earth, be good to yourself, shop at Loriís!


Check out what's on SALE this month! To view our sales flier just CLICK HERE. 


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And just a reminder:  Voting closes Friday, Oct. 16!


Upcoming Workshops in October:

As you have probably heard, both Spring and Fall are perfect times to focus on some gentle detoxing, and the upcoming workshops with Health Coach Christine Porter provide just the support you might need!

First, enjoy tasting and making healthy smoothies on Oct. 7th, as they will be part of the detox program coming up, and then on Oct. 10th, learn about how you can healthfully fuel your body and increase your energy level!

And mark your calendar - the detox program starts officially on Monday, Oct. 19.  See below for workshop details:

From Christine Porter of Peace & Pear, CHHP, AADP, Certified Health Coach:

Wednesday, Oct. 7 - 7pm-8pm:   POSTPONED - WILL BE RESCHEDULED SOON!  We apologize for any inconvenience!

Superfood Smoothies Made Easy!  Sample and learn to make delicious smoothies that are packed full of nutrients and taste delicious!  And remember, if you are considering a seasonal detox, smoothies are an integral part of the healthy eating program!

Saturday, Oct. 10th - 2pm-3pm:  Fuel your Body & Increase Energy!  Learn the basics of the right choices to make that will support your health and your busy lifestyle!

And as we mentioned, Christine's FALL DETOX program begins Oct. 19th, with the first coaching and pre-shopping session beginning Saturday, Oct. 17th at 2pm here at Lori's!

Gently and safely detox your body using real, whole foods that will fuel your body, increase your energy and kickstart your metabolism.  The detox includes:

  •  On-site coaching (here at Lori's) led by Christine Porter
  •  A 10-day meal plan you can mix and match
  •  Delicious and nutritious breakfast, lunch & dinner recipes
  •  Daily emails to motivate and educate you along the way!

Workshop fee payable to Christine Porter:  By Oct. 12 - $59, otherwise $89

For more details, see or contact Christine at


Come and visit us if your are out and about!

Are you attending an employee wellness fair this month at:  ESL, Town of Penfield, or Lifetime Care?  Stop by the Lori's booth and say 'Hi' and taste some of the goodies we'll be sampling!

Or, if you are attending the St. John's Meadows Holistic fair on the 8th, Assisi Wellnes Fair on Oct. 10th, or the Family Health and Fitness Fair on the 15th, don't forget to visit our table and enter the raffles to win a gift card or gift basket!


As always, if translation is needed for hearing impaired in any of our workshops here at the store, just let us know in advance, and we will be happy to provide an interpreter, thanks!



We take great pride in offering our community access to food of the highest quality.  We are also firm believers in your right to know what you are putting into your body.  Health begins with personal decisions and having accurate information is the key to making those decisions. Here at Loriís Natural Foods Center we have had a Non-GMO buying policy in house for some time. It is time to make it official.  We are proud to introduce ďLoriís Non-GMO policyĒ. 

Loriís Non-GMO policy:

Effective:  April 27th, 2015

We are no longer bringing in any grocery product that contains; soy, corn, canola, sugar beets or alfalfa, unless it is organic or verified to be Non-GMO. Loriís is committed to bringing you and your family the healthiest, safest food available. 

Non-GMO Policy on New Grocery Products:

Loriís will no longer accept any new Grocery item containing the top five most common GMO crops (soy, corn, canola, sugar beets, alfalfa) into our store unless they are organic and/or verified to be Non-GMO.  This includes products containing ingredients such as fructose that are produced using soy or corn.  While we cannot yet claim to be GMO-free, we strive to provide for our customers as many non-GMO options as possible.  We urge any manufacturer making a GMO-free claim to have their product certified by the Non-GMO Project. This verification will benefit both the manufacturer and the consumer. To learn more visit


What about the products already in your store? Arenít you still selling GMO products?

Few if any stores can claim to be GMO free, and we arenít there yet.  Every day we take deliberate steps in that direction. We have begun and will continue to find suitable organic and Non-GMO verified products to replace any item containing GMOs.

You can help us to make this transition by purchasing products that are organic or Non-GMO verified. Look for labeled products, use the Non-GMO projectís smart phone app or search page or ask a Loriís staff member for help.

What about your produce?

Our produce has and always will be 100% organic and thus Non-GMO.  In addition to being organic and Non-GMO we work with as many local farmers as we can to bring you the freshest, most local produce available anywhere.

What can I do?

We encourage all members of our community to get involved and support GMO labeling efforts, sign the petition at, contact your elected representatives, talk with your friends and family and vote with your dollars.  

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