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Welcome to Lori's Natural Foods Center

Welcome to Lori’s Natural Foods Center! We are Rochester’s largest independent natural grocery and wellness center.  Lori's is family owned and has been proudly serving western New York since 1981.  We are a leader in the world of natural and organic foods, supplements and herbs. Be good to the earth, be good to yourself, shop at Lori’s!


Check out what's on SALE this month! To view our sales flier just CLICK HERE. 

Save the Dates!  Upcoming June Events and Classes!

Saturday, June 13th:  11-2pm;  Vibrant Health product demo!  Come by and sample one of our favorite smoothie and green drink product lines! 

Friday, June 19th:  12pm-3pm:  Chair massage provided by Dr. Phillip Bechard, DC – even a short chair massage can relieve tightness and tension and help us feel better!  Enjoy a chair massage and learn more about how chiropractic treatment can support your health and well-being! 

Saturday, June 20th:  9am to 2pm;  “Cure Your Own Allergies!” workshop presented by Debra Lee Pecora of Health In Harmony. In this workshop, you will learn how to ascertain where imbalances are in the body.  By applying techniques of ‘energy corrections and toning’ stress is relieved and the body is able to heal itself.  Fee for the class is $95 and includes technique instructions and manuals.  To sign up for this class, for more information, or to make an appointment call or text Debra at 585-443-0585 or email

Sunday, June 21st:   If you are going to Flower City Yoga’s Summer Solstice celebration at Highland Park today, don’t miss the Lori’s booth!!  We’ll have healthy food and drink tastings, samples and coupons for you!  Welcome summer with us at one of our favorite spots to do yoga!! 

Wednesday, June 24th:  6:30pm-8pm:  - Cancelled -We apologize for any inconvenience.  Michael Schwartz, of Michael's Naturopathic Programs has notified us that he is unable to visit at this time.  We look forward to his rescheduling!


*ASL Interpreters are available upon request. Please call ahead or see a member of the Lori's management team at least 2 days in advance, thanks!


We take great pride in offering our community access to food of the highest quality.  We are also firm believers in your right to know what you are putting into your body.  Health begins with personal decisions and having accurate information is the key to making those decisions. Here at Lori’s Natural Foods Center we have had a Non-GMO buying policy in house for some time. It is time to make it official.  We are proud to introduce “Lori’s Non-GMO policy”. 

Lori’s Non-GMO policy:

Effective:  April 27th, 2015

We are no longer bringing in any grocery product that contains; soy, corn, canola, sugar beets or alfalfa, unless it is organic or verified to be Non-GMO. Lori’s is committed to bringing you and your family the healthiest, safest food available. 

Non-GMO Policy on New Grocery Products:

Lori’s will no longer accept any new Grocery item containing the top five most common GMO crops (soy, corn, canola, sugar beets, alfalfa) into our store unless they are organic and/or verified to be Non-GMO.  This includes products containing ingredients such as fructose that are produced using soy or corn.  While we cannot yet claim to be GMO-free, we strive to provide for our customers as many non-GMO options as possible.  We urge any manufacturer making a GMO-free claim to have their product certified by the Non-GMO Project. This verification will benefit both the manufacturer and the consumer. To learn more visit


What about the products already in your store? Aren’t you still selling GMO products?

Few if any stores can claim to be GMO free, and we aren’t there yet.  Every day we take deliberate steps in that direction. We have begun and will continue to find suitable organic and Non-GMO verified products to replace any item containing GMOs.

You can help us to make this transition by purchasing products that are organic or Non-GMO verified. Look for labeled products, use the Non-GMO project’s smart phone app or search page or ask a Lori’s staff member for help.

What about your produce?

Our produce has and always will be 100% organic and thus Non-GMO.  In addition to being organic and Non-GMO we work with as many local farmers as we can to bring you the freshest, most local produce available anywhere.

What can I do?

We encourage all members of our community to get involved and support GMO labeling efforts, sign the petition at, contact your elected representatives, talk with your friends and family and vote with your dollars.  

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