Curbside Pickup FAQ

How to place an order for Curbside pick-up:

1). Make your list!
o  There is a map of the store HERE so you can organize your list by aisle.
o  Please include as much detail as you can, brand name, product name, flavor, size, etc. this helps us make sure you end up with the exact product you want to order! (Pro-tip: the last four digits of the UPC is often one of the most useful identifiers.)
o  Before you call, double check your list and make sure you have everything you need on it. Adding additional items once an order is processed can cause errors and will also incur an additional shopping fee.
2). Call us up or e-mail us!
o  Most orders are able to be processed right when you call so be ready with your list!  In the event that all members of our team are actively shopping for other customers we will take your phone number and call you back as soon as we can. 
o  If you e-mail us your list, we’ll respond with any questions through e-mail.  Please be sure to include a phone number where you can be reached for payment.
3). Pay over the phone!
o  Be ready with your card. We take payments over the phone by entering card info directly into the point of sale terminals.  We never write down or store any card information and are fully PCI compliant.
o  Once your order is shopped and paid for it is ready for pick up!  Orders are staged on the front end and able to be picked up any time after they are paid for.
4). Call us when you’re here!
o  Simply let us know you’re calling to pick up a curbside order.  We’ll ask your name and what type/color car you’re in.
o  For a completely contact free transaction, simply leave your trunk open and we’ll place your order directly inside for you.
Curbside order FAQ’s:
Can I order refrigerated and frozen products for curbside pick-up?
Yes! It is helpful to shop refrigerated and frozen products last so they stay as cold as possible when processing, so keep that in mind when making your list.
What about fresh produce?
Absolutely! Our team will happily select and pack fresh produce for you.
Bulk items? 
You bet! Just keep in mind that shopping and packing bulk items takes longer, so be patient with us!
Can I pay when I pick up?
No. All orders for curbside pick-up must be paid for over the phone at the time of shopping. Orders will not be placed in the pick-up areas until they are paid for.
How long does it take to shop an order?
That all depends! The longer the list, the longer it will take us to shop, keep in mind that we are shopping with you live on the phone.  The more detailed and organized the list, the faster it goes!
How long do I have to pick up my order?
Once an order is shopped and paid for it’s held until the end of the following business day.  If you need longer than that to pick-up, be sure to contact us or adjust when you are calling in your order.
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