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Floor Department

Photo of our Floor Department Personnel

Here at Lori’s, the Floor department stocks the shelves and makes sure the products customers look for are easy to find. Every day we have the pleasure of interacting with our customers—whether it be helping someone locate a product or learning something new from a conversation. Every day is different!

Being in direct contact with the goods we sell day-in and day-out makes our job less about stocking, and more about helping customers have a great shopping experience. Not sure where to find something, please ask! Wondering which brand of ketchup sells the best? Again, please ask any floor staff member and we’d be happy to tell you about the products we sell and the trends we see.

The floor team is one part of the equation that is Lori’s Natural Foods. We stock merchandise so you, the customer, can purchase your favorite snacks. We also add a human element to the shopping experience with our knowledge of the products we sell. Without us, it would be hard to navigate the store. As part of the Lori’s team we add organization and knowledge to the many exciting items we carry in this one of a kind establishment!
Bulk & Produce

Photo of our Bulk & Produce Department Personnel

Our bulk department sells more than 300 herbs and spices, over 50 teas, and a large selection of supplemental products. We also carry a large variety of nuts, grains, flours, beans, and snacks. Most products are available for you to bag yourself, which means you can buy as much or as little as you'd like. Bring in your own containers and cut down on waste even more!

Our produce department is exclusively 100% organic produce. We strive to support local farmers as much as possible, including Bowman and Hill, Andy’s Specialty Garlic & Produce, Cove Hill Farms, Third Day Garden and more! We are constantly working to get you the best price on the things you love, especially with our weekend sales (every Friday through Sunday). Here at Lori’s Natural Foods we love produce, just as much as you do.
Front End

Our aim as the Front End at Lori’s Natural Foods Center is to provide excellent service to our customers. From welcoming you to the store to a pleasant check out experience and everything in between. We’re happy to hold items, to provide special orders and to guide you to a knowledgeable store associate to work with you on your healthy product decisions. Always feel free to ask !
Photo of our Front End Department Personnel Photo of our Wellness Department Personnel Wellness Department

The wellness department is a team of highly specialized individuals with a collective knowledge base of over fifty years in the natural health industry. With weekly trainings from companies, practitioners, and representatives, the Wellness team is dedicated to helping you find the right product for your individual health needs from over 10,000 vitamins and supplements readily available on the shelves.
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